Australian Buddhist Kalyana Mitta (A.B.K.M.) (

About ABKM

Kalyana-mitta  ( Pali ) is "good friend", "virtuous friend", "noble friend"
or "spiritual friend" within the Buddhist community life.

We are a group of practising Buddhist friends from all over the world with the founding chapter in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. 

Our aim is to learn and practise the teachings of Buddha (Theravada) in a supportive and social environment.

In learning Buddhism, we listen to dhamma talks and have dhamma discussions.

In practicing Buddhism, we observe Sila (moral conduct),  perform Dana (charity) and practise Bhavana (meditation).
Our programs and initiatives are designed to further our practise of Buddhism, for the ultimate aim of every Buddhist ; the liberation from Samsara - attainment of Nibbana.

[An excerpt from "Essential Teachings"]

Sila - Moral conduct via the 5 Precepts
  • Members of ABKM take the 5 Precepts
    1. Abstain from Killing
    2. Abstain from Stealing
    3. Abstain from Sexual misconduct
    4. Abstain from False Speech
    5. Abstain from Taking intoxicants
  • In addition to Dana to the Sangha, one key objective of ABKM is Dhamma Dana - to print Dhamma books for free distribution.
  • We also have a blog "Dhamma Gems : Flashes of Enlightenment" where we share our learnings and experiences (by invitation only - please contact us if you would like to join)
Bhavana - Meditation/ Mental Cultivation
  • We practice meditation practice that is taught by the Buddha which includes Samatha (Traquility Meditation ie - Anapana, Metta, Buddhanusati, Maranasati, etc.) and Vipassana (Insight meditation).
Our Teachers

  • ABKM is not directly affiliated with any centre but instead take the approach to learn widely from all teachers.
  • We follow the Theravadan Buddhist tradition.

Group Meetings

As a group, we meet every fortnight at a volunteer's home.

The programme of our meetings is as follows :

  • Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma-sambuddhassa
  • Tisarana (Take refuge in the triple gem)
  • Panca Sila (Take 5 precepts)
  • 45 minutes Meditation
  • 1 hour Dhamma talk / Discussion
  • Share and Transfer Merits
Social Activities
  • ABKM from time to time will organise social activities connected with the Dhamma such as visiting various temples and centres.
  • ABKM also hosts social events for its members.